Kevin Costner's wealth: will it survive divorce?

Kevin Costner, renowned for his role in Yellowstone, is currently embroiled in a contentious divorce battle with his estranged wife, Christine, with a focus on safeguarding his wealth. 

Christine, who was married to Costner for 18 years, is seeking a monthly child support payment of $248,000 to maintain their lavish lifestyle 

which included private jet trips and luxurious hotel stays. 

She also demands full coverage of their children's education, extracurricular activities, and healthcare expenses. 

In response, Costner is determined to protect his substantial $250 million fortune, citing their prenuptial agreement which limits Christine's settlement to a mere $1.4 million.  

He argues that Christine has violated the prenup by refusing to vacate their shared home as stipulated in the agreement. 

Legal experts anticipate that a settlement may be reached to avoid a courtroom trial 

As the case management conference approaches, the outcome of the divorce remains uncertain, leaving Costner's ability to safeguard his wealth hanging in the balance.