Kevin Costner Says Wife's Child Support Request Is 'Inflated,' Blames Plastic Surgery Bills

Kevin Costner's legal team has claimed that the requested amount of child-support is an extravagant and excessive demand primarily intended to benefit Christine, the supported parent. 

In response to Christine's order declaration, filed in the Superior Court of California 

Kevin Costner, the actor known for his role in Yellowstone, has criticized the inflated and unsubstantiated request of $248,000 per month. 

The court document also highlights that the guideline monthly child support 

based on Kevin's available gross cash flow, should amount to $123,620. 

Costner emphasizes that providing more than just the basic necessities for their three children (Cayden, Hayes, and Grace) does not necessitate lavish spending that primarily serves the supported parent's interests. 

As of now, Christine's attorneys have not provided an immediate response to these allegations. 

The child support Christine seeks is more than six times the $38,000 a month Kevin has offered. The two-time Oscar winner