Keanu Reeves Showering Off Shirtless on a Boat in Italy.

Keanu Reeves, 58, is seldom ever spotted in public, so the discovery of the John Wick actor in Capri, Italy,  

is undoubtedly throwing fans into a frenzy. The internet's boyfriend gleefully washed himself  ,

off while donning nothing but a pair of beige swim trunks, as seen in images you can ,

SEE HERE via The Daily Mail. For the photographs, he sat on the edge of a little boat with a large, 

opulent yacht in the background.He was photographed diving into the sparkling waves ,

in another image and emerging with a smile in a another one. 

The Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure actor was also spotted taking a sip of champagne ,

while taking advantage of the famed getaway. With his wet hair falling on his neck ,

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