Keanu Reeves Discloses the Reality of Grunge Music 

The mysterious band Dogstar is making a highly anticipated return to the rock scene ,

after a two-decade sabbatical, driving fans into a frenzy of anticipation. Keanu Reeves, 

the band's leader, vehemently dispelled the widespread assumption that Dogstar belonged ,

to the 'grunge' genre in the 1990s in an exclusive interview with Variety." 

Grunge was never a band we were. Dogstar never followed a sound, and we never chased conformity. 

Reeves strongly asserted, firmly dispelling any misconceptions that may have obscured the band's actual nature, 

"And we surely weren't grunge, ever.According to Rockstar Celebrities, 

how would Keanu describe the sound of Dogstar? He aggressively offered his own perspective ,

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