Kate Middleton's Photoshop Saga: Everything You Need to Know About Photo Editing  

Nowadays, all images are dubious since image-editing software is present on our phones, PCs, and in social media filters  

When England's royal family revealed that the Princess of Wales manipulated a photo of her family sent to news agencies on Mother's Day in the United Kingdom, practically everyone had an opinion. 

The argument over why the photo was so severely modified, and why Kate Middleton was obliged to admit to using Photoshop  

Friday, when Middleton confirmed a cancer diagnosis in an Instagram video message.  

However, the weeks-long debate over the modified photo serves as a reminder that we live in a strange new world of manipulated images.   

Because even well-known personalities post edited images online, it is seldom evident how much editing has been done to a published image  

Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife and England's future queen, had stomach surgery in January.   

Despite the palace's initial assurance that she would not be seen until after Easter, rumours regarding Middleton's whereabouts spread rapidly on social media.  

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