Kanye West will be unable to'monetise' his reactivated Twitter account.

Kanye West has recently reemerged on social media platforms, although his online

presence remains limited due to the repercussions of his previous controversial statements.

The artist known as Flashing Lights made a reappearance on the recently reconstructed social media platform Twitter, 

complying with a period of seven months during which his account had been blocked. 

Upon returning, the artist adopted a new branding identity, now operating under the name X.

In the month of October, Kanye West made remarks that were deemed to be anti-Semitic

Resulting in a collective prohibition from his business associates and the legal firms that had been providing representation for him.

Several prominent brands, including Adidas, Balenciaga, Gap, and Apple, terminated their associations with him.

The account belonging to West, known as Ye, was renewed and granted the gold checkmark on the platform, a distinction often reserved for verified corporate accounts.

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