Kaia Gerber's golden hair transforms.

The siren melody of blonde hair only gets louder as the temperature rises.

Kaia Gerber's new hair color is proof that she couldn't resist the appeal of it.

You undoubtedly picture Cindy Crawford's beautiful, luscious brunette hair when you think of Gerber, but not anymore! 

The model's hair color has been changed to a stunning, multifaceted golden blonde that catches the light like a wheat field does during the golden hour. 

I can't stop staring at it when she announced the summer color shift on Instagram Stories, as one would expect.

Gerber chose to go somewhat lighter than her natural foundation with varied shades of warm-toned honey, caramel, and golden blonde.

With more lightness at the ends for a sunny, beachy feel rather than going full platinum as she has in the past.The hue appears costly while also being easygoing and well-worn. 

Blonde this multifaceted and rich isn't the result of a box color session; it takes time to set the highlights and lowlights carefully and blend them together precisely.

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