Julie Robinson Belafonte, a dancer, actress, and activist, died at 95.  

She and singer Harry Belafonte were one half of a recognised (and often vilified) interracial power couple that pushed the cause of civil rights in the 1960s  

Julie Robinson Belafonte, a dancer, actress, and, with singer Harry Belafonte, one half of an interracial power couple  

United States, died on March 9 in Los Angeles. She was 95.  

Her relatives confirmed that she died in an assisted care home in the Studio City neighbourhood.  

She had been residing there for the past year and a half after spending decades in Manhattan.  

Ms. Belafonte, a white woman and the second wife of Mr. Belafonte, the Black Caribbean-American entertainer and activist, had a diverse artistic career.  

She has previously worked as a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, actress, and documentary film producer.  

Ms. Belafonte travelled the country and around the world with her husband and their children, portraying an image of a close interracial family that was rarely seen on television or in newspapers and magazines.  

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