"Joy Ride" Director Responds to Critic Saying "Targets White People"

Adele Lim, director of the upcoming Lionsgate film, responded to a negative tweet about the movie on Twitter. 

The tweet came from Jackson Murphy, a self-described film critic for 99.5 The River, an iHeartRadio station. 

Murphy's tweet described the film as "embarrassing" and "incredibly unpleasant." 

He also criticized the movie for "objectifying men" and "targeting white people." 

Adele Lim, known for her work on Crazy Rich Asians and Raya and the Last Dragon, shared her response on Twitter. 

Lim jokingly suggested putting the phrase "Objectifies men, targets white people" on a t-shirt. 

Her comment was a lighthearted way of addressing the criticism. 

The film is set to be released later this month and marks Lim's directorial debut. 

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