'Yellowstone' star Luke Grimes says 'nothing will ever be the same' once show finishes.

The action environment has been significantly impacted by the John Wick franchise, which has even managed to buck the most annoying fight scene trend in the genre.   

Numerous advances in the action genre have been pioneered by the Keanu Reeves-starring franchise.   

The intricate criminal universe of John Wick highlights the significance of worldbuilding in cinema, and the combat choreography of the trilogy has spurred interest in martial arts filmmaking.   

The greatest legacy of the film series, however, has been to right one of the largest errors in action cinema after Jason Bourne.  

The five Bourne films have much to be proud of; they established new benchmarks for action-packed pursuit scenes, tight quarters situations, and international spy stories.  

But for nearly a decade, an unexpected consequence of the Bourne series clouded the landscape of action movies.  

The only thing that could save the action genre from a dark time would be Keanu Reeves' discipline and martial arts mastery, which he already established over 25 years ago with The Matrix.  

There is a franchise that redefines the action filmmaking language of a given generation every time.   

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