John Wick 5 Returns the Deadliest Assassin.

Lionsgate's Motion Picture Group chair, Joe Drake, announced that a fifth chapter of the "John Wick" series is in the works. 

The franchise will expand with a spinoff film called "Ballerina," starring Ana de Armas as a Ruska Roma assassin. 

"Ballerina" will delve into the same school where John Wick received his training, focusing on orphans who are taught wrestling, ballet, and other lethal skills. 

In addition to the spinoff film, three more projects are in development, including a television series called "The Continental." 

The aim is to organically grow the John Wick cinematic universe by telling interconnected stories within this world. 

The franchise will continue with a regular cadence, providing fans with a consistent stream of John Wick content. 

Lionsgate is building out the world of John Wick, expanding beyond the main character to explore different characters and narratives. 

Fans can anticipate the release of "Ballerina" in 2024 and the television series "The Continental" in the near future. 

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