Jimmy Garoppolo's First Comments After Raiders Cut 

Jimmy Garoppolo was dismissed this offseason, so his time with the Las Vegas Raiders was brief. 

Even though he signed a three-year contract this offseason, he only played for the team for one season.  

Garoppolo's tenure was about to expire, but a two-game suspension for breaking the league's policy on performance-enhancing substances in 2024 put a stop to it.  

The seasoned quarterback was able to sign a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams in spite of being suspended to begin the following season.  

When given the opportunity, Garoppolo clarified that his suspension was the result of misunderstanding the NFL's "Therapeutic Use Exemption" regulation.

During his March 19 debut podcast, Garoppolo stated, "I mean, just messed up the TUE, really."  

"It's unfortunate that I made a mistake with the TUE when I first arrived in Las Vegas, but it was just unfortunate timing," the speaker said.  

When Garoppolo joined the Raiders last season, he was recovering from a foot issue, and it appears he didn't follow the right procedures.  

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