Jets Save $82 Million Thanks to Aaron Rodgers' Salary Cut

If Aaron Rodgers agreed to a big pay cut to play for the New York Jets, the franchise may see immediate financial gains.

On Friday, July 28th, Joe Caporoso from "Badlands" came on my radio show in Syracuse called 

An intriguing business proposal was made on "The Manchild Show with Boy Green" that Gang Green might want to think about. Boy Green acted as the show's host.

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a bad start to the season, would you be able to watch Mike Evans?

Inquired he. I asked Caporoso on Twitter if the Buccaneers and Jets could make a trade, and he gave me some interesting background on the subject.

There is always a chance to think outside the box. Picks can be saved for later rounds if you play strategically. 

Don't waste a player by sitting on him until the 2025 season. They can be as forceful as they like over the next two years.

And now that the deck is clean, I'm not ruling anything out.

Jets Save $82 Million Thanks to Aaron Rodgers' Salary Cut