Jenny McCarthy warns Masked Singer contestants 'to be scared' when 'Queen' Clock makes her debut.  

The Masked Singer honoured Billy Joel at just before nine o'clock on a Wednesday. 

Robin Thicke opened the night with a version of "My Life" before Poodle Moth began the Group C introductions.

"For my entire life, I was drawn to the flame, but I always felt like the bright lights were never meant for me," Poodle Moth explained in their clue package  

"I convinced myself I was never going to be attractive, funny, or skilled enough to make it.   

So I took a step back and helped others realise their aspirations."  

Poodle Moth eventually chose to take "the leap, and I was discovered," the canine-insect explained.  

"That was one of the best vocals I've ever, ever heard," said judge Rita Ora to Poodle Moth. "It was so graceful and so hypnotic." 

"I'm delighted to be here on Billy Joel Night because, let's face it, we're both timeless," Clock said in her clue package.   

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