Jenna Ortega's first Beetlejuice 2 photos as Winona Ryder's daughter are here. 

The first images of Jenna Ortega in Beetlejuice 2 have now surfaced after it was revealed that she had been cast in another Tim Burton-related project.

The actor and the director have collaborated twice before.

Although the sequel's plot elements are being withheld, we do know that Michael Keaton.

And Winona Ryder will return in the roles of naughty "bio-exorcist" Beetlejuice and the goth Lydia Deetz. 

As Lydia Deetz's daughter, Jenna Ortega joins the two well-known performers, which seems appropriate given how adored her depiction of the acerbic Addams family member was.

As the film is presently being shot in the UK, we can finally see Jenna in character. 

She and Winona were seen in pictures taken on set. 

Allen's priority is the well-being of his family amidst the hurtful and false allegations made against him. 

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