Jason Kelce is LWO 4 Life and helps Rey beat Dom again in Philadelphia.

Escobar had Rey arrange for his son's death by steel chair, but the mystery guys intervened.  

Last-minute changes were made at WrestleMania XL's LWO vs. Legado Del Fantasma tag match,  

with Andrade replacing Dragon Lee on the LWO side after Lee was eliminated.  

But the grudge dates back to last year, when Santos Escobar's gang injured Rey Mysterio.  

With Dominik Mysterio signing with LDF, the animosity between Rey and Dom has intensified  

with father defeating son at the Showcase of the Immortals last year.  

Everyone from both crews arrived alongside the combatants. Andrade had just recently returned to WWE, but he and Rey hit it off right away,  

The senior Mysterio attempted to instill some respect in his son for the second consecutive 'Mania, but Dirty Dom was ready.  

Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.