Jake Gyllenhaal got a Staph infection while filming 'Road House': How to Lower Your Risk.  

Jake Gyllenhaal has confessed that he suffered a staph infection while filming his current film. 

Gyllenhaal said on Dax Shephard's Armchair Expert podcast, alongside his co-star Conor McGregor, that when filming a fight sequence for Road House, he sliced his hand, which resulted in a staph infection.

He described the scene, saying, "We're fighting on the floor, around tables, and around glass."  

During the scene, the actor was injured when his hand came into contact with glass.   

"I felt the glass move in my grasp. "I remember the feeling and thought, 'That's a lot of glass,'" he said.  

Gyllenhaal wounded himself while filming another scene in the film.   

"I thought [the infection] came from, remember that scene where you come with a piece of wood?" He asked McGregor.  

"I grabbed your arm and thought, 'Oh, maybe I'm hurt.'" But my entire arm swelled up. It turned out to be staph.

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