Ja Morant Shares Heartfelt Message

During Ja Morant's AAU team tryouts, he had a really profound and meaningful moment 

when he opened up about his struggles and mistakes. It was a moment that captured the essence of his career.

"I wasn't taking care of myself mentally outside of basketball, so I had to put that on myself," Morant explained to applicants. "

Obviously if I'm healthy — you know, mentally emotionally, spiritually — then I'd be good on the court, so I just trust that and continue to pray."

It's no secret what Ja Morant went through over the last year. Every every moment has been available

 to the public and subjected to intense scrutiny by individuals who do not know him. That amount of candor is what allowed him to learn at all.

"Basically my message right now is everything I went through in my life, stuff I had to learn, obstacles I had to get over,

Morant went on to say. "I'm pretty sure everyone in the room knows how this past year has been for me. It has been difficult,

 but the fact that you are here makes me happy. This is my life right now. "This is what keeps me going."

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