"It's not an unsolvable case" - has the Zodiac killer been apprehended?

Author Jarett Kobek unintentionally became a key figure in the decades-long mystery surrounding the Zodiac killer. 

Kobek's research led him to suspect Paul Doerr, a deceased man from the San Francisco Bay area, as the likely culprit. 

Unlike other recent suspects, Kobek's findings on Doerr, an abusive father and prolific writer, are gaining credibility. 

Los Angeles Magazine and SF Gate have highlighted Kobek's research, emphasizing Doerr as the most compelling suspect in years. 

Paul Haynes, co-writer of "I'll Be Gone in the Dark," considers Doerr the best Zodiac suspect to date. 

The Zodiac killer's reign of terror, which lasted over 50 years, included at least five murders, taunting letters, and cryptograms. 

The case has continued to captivate public interest, resulting in documentaries, films, and multiple books. 

Police are still actively investigating the Zodiac killings.