'It Ends With Us' Won't Be Out Until 2024.

"It Ends With Us," a film adaptation of Colleen Hoover's best-selling novel, is set to release in early 20 

The movie stars Blake Lively, Justin Baldoni, and Brandon Sklenar. 

Production began in New Jersey in May but faced a setback due to a writers' strike, resulting in a pause in filming. 

Filming is expected to resume once the strike is resolved, and the February release date indicates confidence in completing the movie on time. 

The story revolves around Lily (played by Lively), who meets Ryle (Baldoni) and falls for him, but her first love, Atlas (Sklenar), reappears, creating a challenge in her relationship with Ryle. 

Some fans expressed discontent with the casting choices due to the actors' ages, but author Colleen Hoover explained that she wanted to age up the characters to rectify a mistake she made in the book. 

Sony Pictures and Wayfarer Studios are producing the film adaptation. 

The novel's popularity and anticipation for the movie have created excitement among fans for its release. 

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