In 'Outlander' Season 6, Episode 6, Malva Christie Died—What Happened?

In "Outlander," Malva Christie was murdered. 'Outlander's' Season 6, Episode 6 concluded with a scene that was incredibly traumatic. What has become of Malva?

In Outlander's Season 6, Episode 6, a terrible sickness makes an appearance. 

Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds), Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), and others travel to the MacNeil family's residence to conduct an urgently required examination. 

They quickly find out that the MacNeils contracted the disease. 

However, the episode contains worsening events. How does Malva fare? Who murders her?

Outlander's sixth episode of season six opens with a few scenes examining a bloody flux breakout.

Claire makes an effort to take charge and assist the MacNeil family, who has contracted the terrible sickness. She quickly becomes ill as well.

One of the persons taking care of Claire while she is depressed is Malva Christie. However, things between the two swiftly change. What transpires during the episode? Was Malva killed by someone?

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