In collegiate basketball, what makes Caitlin Clark the best shooter? The mechanics of her shot  

Larry Silverberg and Chau Tran, professors at North Carolina State University, delved into the science behind basketball shots in the early 2000s. 

Caitlin Clark, the standout player from Iowa, demonstrates impeccable shooting skills, embodying the principles outlined by Silverberg and Tran. 

Clark's success stems from rigorous practice sessions focused on shot accuracy and consistency. 

Kevin O'Hare, Clark's coach, emphasizes the importance of repetition and gradual improvement in refining her shooting mechanics. 

Clark's shooting routine includes various drills aimed at enhancing different aspects of her game, from free throws to mid-range jumpers to long-range shots. 

O'Hare highlights minor adjustments made over time to optimize Clark's shooting efficiency, such as refining her catching technique. 

Despite technological advancements in analyzing shooting mechanics, the core principles of successful shooting remain consistent across elite players. 

Iowa utilizes advanced shot-tracking technology but prioritizes identifying players' strengths and weaknesses rather than overwhelming them with detailed metrics. 

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