"I'm Pretty Sure This Is It": Marvel's "Secret Invasion" Seems to Have Killed a Character and It's Devastating

"Secret Invasion" is the first Phase 5 TV series in the MCU, introducing a storyline of a clandestine Skrull invasion on Earth. 

Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Everett Ross, and Talos team up to prevent the imminent Skrull invasion and save humanity. 

The initial episode sets up the high stakes as Hill and Fury pursue Gravik, a Skrull rebel leader, who triggers explosions and impersonates Fury, shooting Hill. 

Fans took to Twitter to express their shock and sadness over Maria Hill's apparent demise. 

Cobie Smulders, who portrays Maria Hill, acknowledged in an interview that she believes this is the end of her character's journey in the MCU. 

Fury's grieving process over Maria's death will play a pivotal role in upcoming episodes. 

Cobie Smulders has been associated with the role of Maria Hill for 11 years and has made multiple appearances in Marvel films. 

The script for Maria's death scene was highly guarded to prevent any leaks. 

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