Iconic Italian Desserts: From Affogato to Gelato.  

Italian desserts, such as bombolini and tiramisu, are a sweet and spectacular way to cap any dinner, particularly after an Italian main dish.  

For la dolce vita, we've compiled a list of our favorite Italian dessert recipes using traditional ingredients such as espresso, mascarpone, stracciatella, prune plums, and pistachio.  

Panna cotta, which literally means "cooked cream" in Italian, is a smooth, eggless custard thickened with gelatin.  

This simple panna cotta recipe is extremely rich since it uses only cream rather than a cream and milk mixture.  

Tangy mascarpone is piled with coffee-soaked ladyfingers to create an alcohol-free version of the iconic creamy Italian delicacy.  

Gelato is denser than ice cream, in part because it contains more milk than cream and is often churned at a slower rate.   

The slower churning velocity integrates less air, resulting in a less fluffy texture, and the reduced fat content intensifies the tastes.   

Fany Gerson, an ice cream maker, uses two classic Italian ingredients: stracciatella and pistachios.   

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