Ice hack for weight loss: the latest trending diet  

Another diet craze on TikTok has gone viral. This time, the #icehack has received over 125 million views on the platform.  

While some ice hack videos feature elegant ice cubes for cocktails or ingenious techniques to de-ice your windscreen, the majority promote the ice hack for weight reduction.  

Influencers have flooded TikTok with testimonials about how the ice hack may miraculously reduce abdominal fat.  

Many videos make similar claims: "This is a diet secret that's been in the news, but the videos keep getting taken down because it's exposing the lies of the weight loss industry."  

Then, influencers display before and after images of their mother, aunt, or grandma who has dropped 60 to 80 pounds utilising the ice technique, all without dieting.  

While the films depict glasses filled with cubes of ice, the hack's main focus is not on ice.  

The internet attack is apparently attempting to market a pricey dietary supplement called Alpilean, which has elements sourced from the Himalayan Alps, hence the name "alpine ice hack."  

Many popular diet trends or supplements contain a nugget of scientific proof hidden deep beneath the claims, but it is typically exaggerated or misrepresented.   

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