Ian Bohen Teases Season 5 Part 2 Production

In recent months, Yellowstone's behind-the-scenes drama has been discussed, but Ian Bohen (Ryan) has revealed something vital to fans. 

Bohen told Entertainment Tonight at the Elton John Aids Foundation event that the group will return to Montana in May to prep for the last season's final episodes.

Rumor has it we'll return in May. We should start in November about." He stressed that this timeframe was precarious. I need some leeway on that. It won't be sooner. Could be June. 

We shoot six episodes in November or December, go through the holidays, and then maybe a season or series finale on Super Bowl, ending an era."

The show's production month is the latest revelation since Paramount+ announced its November return, as Bohen confirmed. They didn't provide any further details. Bohen also discussed the series finale:

The long-awaited Dutton family saga finale approaches. Part 2 will resolve all narrative elements, including Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie's (Wes Bentley) feud and its effects on the family business. 

 With political and legal issues pursuing John, his rivals' endgame will be revealed, and the winner will shape Yellowstone's future. 

 John and his family have survived most of the obstacles, but losing one battle could be their last. Their Native American neighbors have a new tough chief, the government wants their ranch, large global firms want it, and the family is more split than ever.

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