How worried should the Timberwolves be about Rudy Gobert's injury?  

The Timberwolves classified Rudy Gobert's injury as a "left rib sprain." He has missed the last two games against Utah  

Is this a day-to-day scenario for the league's greatest defensive centre, or could he be sidelined for a longer period  

That question is unanswered, although medical professionals believe that rib sprains can take many weeks to recuperate.   

According to The Whole Body Clinic, rib sprains can be "extremely painful" and take up to six weeks to heal.  

"Combining treatment with management, including ice or heat and stretching, rib sprains will take approximately 2-3 weeks  

What this implies for Wolves will depend on how severe Gobert's sprain is.   

He spoke with the media before Monday night's win over the Jazz and stated that he is still in discomfort, but it is improving.   

"I just want to make sure I can help the team when I return," Gobert told Timberwolves radio announcer Alan Horton.   

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