Holy basil, sometimes known as tulsi, has seven health benefits. 

Did you know that eating tulsi or holy basil on an empty stomach has health benefits? These are the advantages and ways to incorporate it into your diet.  

1. Facilitates digestion Tulsi water first thing in the morning could be beneficial to your stomach. It facilitates the body's removal of toxins and the activation of enzymes. It eases digestive issues and symptoms including gas and bloating.  

2. Increases resistance to infection A robust immunity indicates that your body can fend off dangerous germs that attempt to infiltrate your system and cause illness. You run the danger of getting sick and being infected if your immunity is compromised.  

3. Cleanses the organism The process of detoxifying involves cleaning the blood in the liver of all contaminants. Tulsi helps support greater health by aiding in the detoxification process, which rids the body of pollutants.

4. Encourages respiratory well-being According to the expert, holy basil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that can help treat respiratory conditions like asthma, cough, and colds. Additionally, drinking holy basil has been linked in studies to improving respiratory health.  

5. Lessens tension and worry Managing one's life, career, and home can make people feel stressed and anxious. These days, it's a rather prevalent issue. To help with anxiety and tension, you can try tulsi. According to Dr. Sharma, holy basil has adaptogenic qualities that lower anxiety and tension.  

6. Encourages heart health Adding holy basil or tulsi to your diet may help prevent cardiovascular illnesses. The anti-inflammatory qualities of ocimim sanctum, or holy basil leaves, have been shown in a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. Additionally, tulsi reduces cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease.  

7. Reduces blood sugar levels For those who are prediabetic or have type-2 diabetes, tulsi or basil leaves may be helpful. Tulsi has been shown in a study that was published in the Journal of Functional Foods to help lower fasting blood glucose levels and lower the risk of metabolic illness in older persons.  

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