Palm Royale on Apple TV+ explores the high society of Palm Beach in 1969.  

With its vivid depiction of a woman's desperate attempts to blend in and become part of the eponymous exclusive resort,  

she will go to fulfill her dream and how far everyone else will go to stand in her way. The glossy comedy, which features soap opera scenarios that allow its players to enjoyably chew scenery, is a Slim Aarons portrait come to life (well, not quite, but near enough).  

The series, which is based on Juliet McDaniel's book Mr. and Mrs. American Pie, also stars an all-star ensemble cast that includes Ricky Martin, Carol Burnett, Allison  

Janney, Leslie Bibb, and Laura Dern (who was initially supposed to play Maxine but had schedule issues).   

It's similar to The White Lotus if each member of the cast were the stereotypical gay icon.  

Fortunately, money isn't the only valued currency at the Palm Royale, even though Maxine put herself in serious financial danger.  

Information, gossip, connections, and access can all be just as valuable as money, as this first batch of episodes has shown  

In this case, they can keep you afloat when your head is on the verge of submersion, which is wonderful news for Maxine, as she can't afford to go to the hair salon.  

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