Here’s How Taylor Swift Inspired the Movie ‘Argylle’ With Her Love for Cats

In a new Hollywood Reporter story about Hollywood's recent cat content boom, the director revealed that the pop star's love of cats inspired his 2024 mystery thriller's kitty sidekick, Alfie, whom Bryce Dallas Howard's character carries in a pet backpack.  

It mimics Swift's Netflix documentary Miss Americana, where she wears a backpack with her Scottish Fold, Olivia.  

“I saw a Taylor Swift documentary where she has her cat in a cat-pack and I remember thinking it was a crazy image,” Vaughn told Billboard sister newspaper THR.  

The filmmaker said an earlier version of Argylle had Howard's Elly Conway leave Alfie as a spy played by Sam Rockwell takes her into a world of brutality and espionage.  

But Vaughn changed his mind, and the small cat became one of the film's biggest draws.  

.“I thought the three of them going on an adventure together would be fantastic,” he said. “Cats aren't the most trainable animal, so I was nervous.”  

The article, titled “Cats Are Finally Having a Big Hollywood Meow-Ment,” also praises Swift with popularizing cats with her love of them.  

The 14-time Grammy winner poses with her cats Meredith and Benjamin on Time's December Person of the Year cover.  

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