The 2024 solar eclipse was a momentous occasion for Americans to share. What they observed was this.

The cloud cover had been looming all morning, and now it was midday  

This south Texas city's science teacher for seventh graders, Alejandra Martinez, looked up at the gauzy gray sky.   

She was seated at the county airport's corner outside Eagle Pass, a short distance from the border between the United States and Mexico.  

Next to her was a specialized telescope used in a NASA scientific experiment that involved citizen scientists taking pictures of the sun during the eclipse, provided they could see it.   

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The moon's disk was about to pass in front of the sun, causing a total solar eclipse, a rare sight that has fascinated people for ever since the beginning of time.   

That star alignment would be unquestionably mysterious and exactly predicted.   

He remarked, "We're so fortunate to live on a planet where the sun is the ideal size and distance apart to produce that effect." It is required. It must be seen by us.  

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