"Sound of Freedom" outsold Indiana Jones.

"Sound of Freedom" outperformed "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" at the Independence Day box office, with a one-day gross of $14 million compared to Indy's $11.7 million. 

The faith-based thriller stars Jim Caviezel and Mira Sorvino, while Indy marks Harrison Ford's farewell to the iconic character. 

Initially, Indy was declared the winner, but revised estimates favored "Sound of Freedom" as the top movie for the day. 

The film is distributed by Angel Studios, who claimed the crown and labeled it "America's #1 Movie" on their website. 

Despite losing this battle, Indiana Jones still won the overall box office war, with a domestic gross of $83 million and $70 million overseas. 

"Sound of Freedom" had a much lower production budget of $14.5 million compared to Indy's massive $300 million budget. 

The lower production cost gives "Sound of Freedom" a better chance at profitability and potential success. 

It is unlikely that "Sound of Freedom" will reach the same box office numbers as Indiana Jones, but its lower budget increases its chances of making a profit. 

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