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Dwayne Johnson finally made his debut as Teth-Adam in the DC Extended Universe picture Black Adam, but his return for Black Adam 2 is not a given.

This comes after years of development and shake-ups in the production of the film. On account of the fact that the conclusion of Black Adam 

left a few things unresolved and revealed the return of a significant character, it appears that a sequel to Black Adam could have been on the horizon. 

On the other hand, Black Adam had a notably divisive run at the box office, and the current DC Universe slate for Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters did not include a sequel

Despite receiving bad reviews, Johnson touts Black Adam as a superhero movie that will be a game-changer for the DC movie franchise moving forward.

This is despite the fact that the picture has received a lot of attention. The Black Adam film itself was released during a period of uncertainty for DC Films. 

This was due to the fact that Discovery had recently acquired Warner Bros., which resulted in a few internal shake-ups.

Additionally, the DC Extended Universe movie timeline came to an end, and Batgirl was unexpectedly canceled. There was a high expectation that Black Adam

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