Blonde balayage is the perfect tone makeover.

You are aware that we love balayage. The method of hair highlighting is lovely, dimensional, and enviably low-maintenance. 

And there are endless methods to add a few extra features and personality to strands within the scope of blonde balayage.

If you need a refresher, balayage is a hand-painted hair coloring procedure that evenly distributes color across strands. 

Similar to the highlights that naturally emerge in our hair, the objective is that you shouldn't be able to tell where it begins or finishes. 

Utilizing the idea of light and shade, the method adds precisely placed colors through the hair for added dimension and radiance.

There are also many different shades of blonde available.Here are some of our favorite blonde balayage looks:

Ash blonde balayage is a very subtle approach to inject cold energy without committing to entirely platinum or silver strands if you want to cool down the temperature on your hair tone.

It uses softer, ashy tones to make hair appear almost silvery-grey and mixes balayage with grey hues to create a gorgeous blend in hair.

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