For Fans of Cole Hauser's "Yellowstone"

Fans of Yellowstone might want to visit the ranch for season 5 part 2 based on what Cole just said.

The actor rarely posts on Instagram about the Paramount Network series, as his followers are aware.  

But on April 15, when he posted what might have been a status update on the show at the time, things changed. 

Viewers may be aware that the midseason finale of Yellowstone's fifth season aired back in January. 

Despite unconfirmed claims that the show is coming to an end, there has been no sign that filming will start despite the second half of the season's planned summer launch.

But Cole seems to know exactly when the cameras are going to start rolling.  

The actor asserts that there may finally be a reunion among the Yellowstone cast members. 

"This old photograph of my boys @denimrichards @_jeffersonwhite was found.He said, "See y'all soon," alongside a photo of himself with Denim Richards and Jefferson White.

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