For a Week, I Drank Hailey Bieber's Erewhon "Skin Glaze" Smoothie. 

Los Angeles, California: a city of strikes, dreams, and—constantly, inescapably,  

unavoidably—wellness. Even though I've been covering L.A.'s odd "health culture" since I first moved ,

here as a baby reporter in 2017, at a time when Moon Juice ruled the roost ,

(side note: remember the "sex dust?"), when I left the city for New York in 2018, 

I really believed I'd never return. Even though I had enjoyed going to the mall, eating at In-N-Out, 

and driving to the beach in the morning, I persuaded myself that I "just wasn't the L.A. 

type" because I was a 24-year-old scumbag in a city of exquisitely toned and barre-class-toned beauty. 

If only Amanda Chantal Bacon had the ability to create a custom dust to treat that condition.

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