"Feed the Beast" by Kim Petras is being streamed.

Kim Petras releases highly anticipated album "Feed the Beast" with 15 tracks. 

The album draws inspiration from the Greek myth of Andromeda and focuses on self-acceptance.

Petras embraces early-2000s rave Eurodance music, reminiscent of artists like Cascada and Basshunter. 

Lyrics explore themes such as moving on from a selfish ex, embracing one's own identity, and the allure of excess. 

The album features previous hits like "Alone" with Nicki Minaj and "Unholy" with Sam Smith. 

Kim Petras announces the Feed the Beast World Tour with 34 dates. 

The tour kicks off in Austin, Texas in September 2023 and expands to Europe in early 2024. 

The tour concludes in Milan, Italy in March 2024, marking a global celebration of the new album.