Fans believe Beyoncé criticised CMA Awards in a recent post: here's why.

Since the late 1990s, Beyoncé has shared her passion of R&B and hip hop, selling over 200 million albums worldwide. And that was just the beginning; her songs earned her 32 Grammy Awards. 

Having released countless albums during her time in the spotlight, the superstar is gearing up for the release of Cowboy Carter. 

Excited about her move into country music, the singer recently released a social media post chronicling her journey into the genre and the pivotal moment that started it all.

While she did not reveal too many specifics, many are already speculating on the exact moment she discussed. 

Beyoncé praised followers for their love and support in an Instagram post. Marking a significant milestone for the artist, she also took the time to discuss the criticism she received along the road. 

Part of her message said, "This record has been in the works for nearly five years. Years ago, I had a negative experience where I felt unwelcome.

But, as a result of that encounter, I delved deeper into the history of country music and researched our extensive musical collection."

Although Beyoncé kept the details vague in her message, followers appeared to already know what she was referring about. Before focusing on releasing a complete country album, Beyoncé released the song "Daddy Lessons" on her 2016 album Lemonade. 

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