Every Zodiac Sign's Winning Letters

Lucky Numbers for Each Sign of the Zodiac The letters in our names have both good and bad connotations. Changing the name to exclude the "lucky" letters is popular and usually effective.


 M, N, and Bha are vital for Aries, whereas P and Kh underperform. "M" can help you get rich quickly.


A, V, and R are unlucky for Taurus, whereas P, G, and Y are lucky. “G” is good for marriage and career.


R and Sh are lucky for Gemini; K and Ch are bad. "S or Sh" will help the native succeed.


A and P are unlucky for Cancer, but N, Sh, M, and D are lucky. Use "Sh and D" alphabets for lifelong success.


Y, L, and A are lucky for Leo, but H and R are bad. Employ "A" and flourish.


G, O, M, R, but not S or T. The letter "R" brings success.


Sh, S, K, and Gh, but not Ch, M, or N. The "Sh" letter brings success, happiness, and stability.


A, N, D have good potential, but P, R, and K have bad effects. Letter "A" guarantees success.


Lucky alphabets are Sh, M, H, and A, whereas V and K are unlucky. “Sh” brings calm and progress.


V, L, J, Kh are lucky for Capricorn, but D, H, M are not. Press "V" to succeed


Astrologically, Aquarius is lucky with K, Sh, A, and R, but not H, P, or D. Add "A" for success.


H, N, and Y are lucky for Pisces, whereas T, M, and R are bad. Including "N" and succeed.

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