ESPN's Stephen A. Smith: "I Could Be Next" to Layoffs

ESPN laid off over a dozen on-air personalities, and sports commentator Stephen A. Smith fears more layoffs.  

The network laid off all personnel at the end of June to minimise costs. ESPN fired 20 on-air talent. friends of mine, actually, obviously valued coworkers. 

Who’d done a wonderful job and deserved better,” he told The Stephen A. Smith Show.  

“They deserved better than the times we’re living in, not Disney or ESPN.”The First Take co-host praised Jalen Rose for his “outstanding job for us covering the NBA for years.”

Smith claimed he loved that brother. “A lot of his great work over the years, what he’s represented for the company... Miss him.  

I enjoyed NBA Countdown with Jalen Rose. He is a basketball genius who worked hard.  

He never refused a job. Smith projected additional cabler layoffs.

“Let’s face reality,” he remarked. “More is coming. I may be next.”

Harrison Bader and Gleyber Torres helped the Yankees beat the Orioles.