Doncic is poised to become the NBA's first player to earn $70 million.

ESPN reported that Luka Doncic, 24, is on track to become the first player in NBA history to sign a 70 million dollar supermax contract as a reward for the amazing development he has showed in recent years.  

According to Bobby Marks, Doncic is expected to sign a three-and-a-half-million dollar contract deal worth five years.  

In the US, it is noted that Luka Doncic's historic salary is the result of his accomplishments, which include being the only player outside of. 

LeBron James to reach 9,000 points and 2,500 assists before the age of 25, as well as being a four-time member of the NBA Ideal Five (2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023).

Before the age of 25 (a feat shared by only Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan, and Max Zaslofsky).  

Doncic has only been in the NBA for six years, so technically he is not allowed to sign a contract extension, but the former Real Madrid player is exempt.  

Doncic would be qualified to sign a contract extension in 2025 that would take effect for the 2026–2027 season if he was chosen as one of the "NBA's Ideal Five." 

As he would have satisfied the requirements of being "All-NBA" in two of the three seasons that immediately preceded it.

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