Donald Trump intends to put pressure on Ukraine to hand over its territory to Russia in order to stop the war.  

According to The Washington Post, former US President Donald Trump has proposed ending the Ukraine war  

Ukraine's land to Russia. Some foreign policy analysts say Trump's approach would effectively give Russian President Vladimir Putin  

In an effort to end the war, the top Republican candidate has devised a strategy to persuade the American ally to relinquish some territory to Russia.   

The former President has consistently stated that if he returned to power, he could end the conflict in a matter of weeks.  

According to unidentified sources who have spoken with Trump or his aides, his goal is to pressure Ukraine to relinquish Crimea and the Donbas border territories to Russia.   

This follows Ukraine's leaders' unwavering refusal to give up any land during the conflict.  

According to the story, the former President, who is attempting to return to the White House  

Russia and Ukraine "want to save face, they want a way out," as corroborated by a person who spoke with him privately.  

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