'Doctor Who' Season 2 is more than halfway complete.

New Doctor Ncuti Gatwa reveals that Season 2 of Doctor Who will contain eight episodes, similar as Season 1.  

Season 2 filming is well underway, with new adventures with the Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday.  

Disney+ identifies the new season as Season 1, ushering in a new era while appreciating the show's heritage.  

The next season of Doctor Who is getting closer than ever, but for the production team  

Season 1 — or Season 14 depending on how you count it — is already a distant memory.  

Gatwa told Attitude that they had just finished filming Episode 5  

which meant that the majority of the stories for the following episodes were already fully constructed. Of course, this is all the actor can tell us for now.  

We can't even guess on what might happen to The Doctor in Season 2 because we don't know how the events of Season 1 will unfold.  

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