Disney's new Marvel project uses AI, angering Hollywood.

The inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) in the new Marvel superhero series 'Secret Invasion' has sparked anxiety and outrage within Hollywood. 

In a recent interview, director Ali Selim disclosed that AI, alongside human illustrators, was utilized to create the show's opening credits. 

The abstract sequence showcased green-tinted urban landscapes, spaceships, and enigmatic human figures that gradually revealed themselves as the reptilian  

Selim explained that the implementation of AI was intended to evoke a feeling of anticipation and unease. 

Hollywood professionals are increasingly worried about the potential ramifications of AI, particularly its potential to replace jobs for screenwriters, designers, and even actors. 

Jeff Simpson, credited as the visual development concept artist for the series, expressed deep concern about the impact of AI, stating that he believes it is unethical, dangerous 

Jon Lam, a storyboard artist, characterized the use of AI as a further blow to the already struggling artists and writers involved in the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. 

In response, the WGA has called for enforceable agreements with studios and streaming platforms to regulate the use of AI. 

The proposed agreements stipulate that content generated by AI should not be classified as "literary" or "source" material, which are terms used to determine royalty distribution.  

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