Disney defeats shareholder lawsuit over DeSantis feud.

Delaware judge rules in favor of Walt Disney Co board in a lawsuit brought by shareholder Kenneth Simeone. 

Simeone sued Disney seeking internal records to investigate possible wrongdoing by directors. 

Judge Lori Will stated that the case was improperly directed by a conservative legal group and that Simeone could not use a provision of Delaware corporate law to search for hypothetical conflicts. 

The judge acknowledged that Disney's criticism of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' "don't say gay" law might have been a bad business decision but found no evidence that directors allowed personal views to dictate the company's response 

Disney will not be required to hand over the requested internal records. 

The dispute between Disney and Governor DeSantis escalated when the state removed Disney's control of a special administrative district related to the Walt Disney World resort. 

Judge Will also found that the lawsuit appeared to have been brought to benefit the Thomas More Society, a conservative non-profit law firm. 

A corporate records lawsuit should not be used as a platform to advance personal beliefs, according to the judge. 

Delaware corporate law to search for hypothetical conflicts. 

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