Did Taylor Swift's Concerts Really Trigger Earthquake Tremors? Here's What Research Reveal

Taylor Swift can practically 'Shake It Off' during her live concerts. The performers' concerts are extremely crowded,

culminating in an uproar that could cause earthquakes. Researchers have revealed the logistics of the earthquakes, as well as which music produced the largest tremble.

Caltech's Department of Seismology investigated the moderate tremors that occurred during Swift's Eras Tour concert. 

Gabrielle Tepp led the study team, which released a report in Seismological study Letters that went into detail about the "SwiftQuakes".

The crew installed earthquake motion sensors at the SoFi stadium at the request of the California Office of Emergency Services. 

The study is based on data gathered from the concert in Los Angeles on August 5, 2023. 

According to the data, the most seismic activity was recorded during the performance of Shake It Off. 

The wave formed during the concert had a magnitude of 0.851, induced by the dancing and jumping motions of 70,000 stadium fans. 

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