Despite Assault Lawsuits, Jimmie Allen and Wife Alexis 'Are Working to Resolve Things Together' (Exclusive)

Jimmie Allen and his pregnant wife Alexis are presenting a united front despite filing for divorce earlier this year.

The couple is working together to resolve their issues and prioritize their family's well-being. 

 Allen recently filed two counterclaims against women who accused him of sexual assault and abuse.

He explained that his previous statement about "fixing my family first" referred to ensuring their mental health and stability amid the allegations. 

Allen took time off to be with his wife, kids, and friends during this challenging period. 

 The divorce case is still pending as they work towards a resolution.

They are committed to moving forward as a team and focusing on their future together. 

Allen's priority is the well-being of his family amidst the hurtful and false allegations made against him. 

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