Deion Sanders' second spring in Colorado: 'We'll win. I am aware of this. "You are aware of this."

The son of Deion Sanders might have been the number two quarterback in the NFL draft next month and "should be" the top pick in 2025.

Deion Sanders, the father, thinks so. He may be right.

But what about his Colorado quarterback son Shedeur Sanders? What's his outlook as he begins his second spring practice in Boulder this month?

The father and son discussed Shedeur's broken back, his new offensive line, his hobbies, and how to wear socks at a campus news conference on Wednesday. 

Before replying to a USA TODAY Sports report about Sanders not seeing recruits on the road, Sanders, 56

made another huge remark about his second year as Colorado football coach.

Sanders remarked, "We’ll win," after his first season was 4-8. "I know. You know. We'll win."

He projected his squad would compete in a bowl game this year, stating 2024 "is not gonna be just 12."

On Monday, Sanders began his second spring practice season with 15 practices that will end with the traditional spring game in Boulder on April 27. 

Shedeur said he's "back to full, 110%" after his offensive line allowed 56 QB sacks, second in the nation.

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