Deion Sanders says "I can't do the things other coaches can do" in response to report on home visits

Deion Sanders gave his first press conference during the Spring Practice session on Wednesday. It was the first time the Colorado Buffaloes coach spoke with the media since the end of the previous season.

Sanders spent 25 minutes at the platform answering questions and, in the conclusion, responding to an article written 

 by Brett Schrotenboer of USA TODAY that provided very little context for why he did no house visits throughout the recruiting process.

"There was an article that came out that said I don't go on visits," Sanders was quoted as saying. "My approach is completely different from any other coach's. I am a businessman as well.

 So I strive to mention our university wherever possible. Where should I go? Let's pretend I'm going to Florida to visit IMG. Don't you think those coaches will be upset if I don't stop 

by the school down the street? You don't believe it'll be chaos, or that I'll be disappointed if I don't go for another 45 minutes? Then why didn't I go to that school?"

He went on to explain that no recruit has ever made a decision based on a house visit, and that "I can't do what other coaches can." Do you know why? "Because I am Coach Prime.

Sanders is totally right. He is unlike other coaches, and his contributions to the game are unmatched. Beyond the reasons he cited, there are several levels to why he does not conduct house visits.

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