Colorado football's Deion Sanders fires savage jab at haters after 4-8 season

Deion Sanders has received a lot of criticism since taking over as head coach of the Colorado football program. Derogatory nicknames such as "Slime Time" and "Bruce Lee of BS" 

 have been directed at the Colorado head coach.Furthermore, opposing coaches have targeted Sanders during the recruiting process, demonstrating apparent prejudice toward prospects

interested in the Buffs.With the college football offseason in full flow, Coach Prime is actively promoting the release of his new book, "Elevate and Dominate:

 21 Ways to Win On and Off the Field."Sanders recently appeared on the 'Sway's Universe' podcast and shared his own motto and method to dealing with criticism and external judgments in life

"Well, that's called insecurity," Coach Prime remarked. "If you're insecure, you'll care. If you are uneasy, you will read everything. If you are insecure, you will check all of your comments.

That is if you are insecure. "If you are secure, you don't give a damn."Sanders, named Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year in 2023, stressed his spiritual views 

and how they help him have a good outlook on life. "How can your thoughts about me effect me? That should not affect or infect me. No. 

"I don't get down like that," Coach Prime declared boldly.Last season, Sanders coached the Colorado football team to a 4-8 record. Despite a strong start, the club was unable to maintain

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